Our Program

The Arts

Making bug puppets is a great way to integrate language.

Drama games and bugs. these students act out metamorphosis.

Students from St Patricks school performed an original play called 'Bugz Ballroom Blitz.'

Bug paintings by students at Cape Schanck.

Biodiversity Tile Murals installed at Heyfield.

Biodiversity Panels exhibited at Royal Botanic gardens Melbourne.


One of the Biodiversity panels. An excellent artwork done vby a group of students.


 "Bugs on Trial" a script written by John Caldow and his class.

Made into fil by emminent film maker, Eugene Schlusser, Bugs on Trial is worth a watch. It will raise issues to discuss both about nature and for nature and shows just how well grade 4 and 5 kids can act. It's a humorous sketch and a lot of fun.