Our Program


"Where Science, Art, Language, Technology, Math and Civics Collide"

The motto of Bug Blitz sums up that we believe in holistic learning. Integrated studies spanning a range of curriculum areas after a Bug Blitz Field Science Event is what we encourage and support. We hope that your studies lead to a sharing event and we will encourage you to do this via the arts.

We have published Bug Blitz Curriculum Guides Level 3, Level 4 and Level 5 VELS aligned teacher resource materials. These include black line masters and assessment materials. The resources provide a comprehensive guide on "How to do a Bug Blitz", from trapping bugs, follow-up integrated studies unit of work and some ideas for sharing the learning in the community.

Discovery Learning

E O Wilson believes that learning by discovery is an important factor in igniting an interest in nature. Spending time in nature, exploring the various life forms that may be discovered in different, local habitats is a good way to learn. Wilson has described over 300 species of ants during his career.

Discovery can happen in different ways. It can be to discover a new species for the first time, as Ed Wilson has done so many times, or it could be to discover something yourself for the first time.

A short Bug Blitz Discovery Story

Few people in the community knew that there was a rare plant, Grevillea crysophaea, growing around the edges of a small local nature reserve bordering a local tip. The small shrub likes dry sandy soils. Small but shapely yellow flowers give this rare native its common name – Golden grevillea. We discovered this plant existed from a local nurseryman who’d successfully grown them from cuttings. We planted specimens of Grevillea crysophaea, in the local reserve to share with the rest of the community.

Grevillea crysophaea - Golden grevillea