Our Program


Bug Blitz Trust is all about communities working together to learn more about our spectacular biodiversity and environment.

It's about gathering together to study and explore and to monitor our ecosystems and the life within them.

It's about raising awareness of learning about nature and the crucially important role in sustaining life that our natural ecosystems and biodiversity play.

It's about celebrating and sharing knowledge in the community via The Arts.

It's about supporting schools and working together with teachers with this important task of educating our children about the environment.
Bug Blitz Trust is developing a growing list of partners from all sectors of the whole community. This whole community includes; students, parents of students, citizen scientists schools, community organizations, government agencies, corporations and other not-for-profit organizations like us.

We support community nature conservation, restoration and re-habilitation projects when we are able. Students are beginning to plant mini Bug Blitz Forests in their communities.
In 2009 Bug Blitz students will make 450 nest boxes to provide breeding habitat for birds, bats and possums. After the bushfires of recent years in Victoria, where many existing tree hollows were destroyed, we'll support our community of animals.

Bug Blitz Trust is made possible with the support of The Hugh D T Williamson Foundation whose practice of supporting communities in a myriad of ways over 20 years is well documented. Encouraging partnerships, community cohesiveness and consulting with communities are some of the key practices of THDTWF.