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Become a mentor

Local Gippsland naturalist, Peter Ware, shares his knowledge of local bird species with students

Bug Blitz has many different facets so a large range of skills are required. Becoming a mentor and sharing your skills and knowledge is an invaluable way to contribute back to your local community.

Local naturalists or citizen scientists are in every community. These people have often built knowledge about the nature of an area over many years. Peter Ware is like that. Check out his nature blog for info on birds of Gippsland.


If you are a local naturalist and would like to participate in a Bug Blitz contact us. We could put you in touch with a local Bug Blitz facilitator.

Volunteer photographers - Maybe you're into macro-photography and you would consider photographing bugs found at a Bug Blitz event.

You could be an artist willing to share your skills with local school students who participated in a Bug Blitz program by helping them to complete an artistic project sharing what they have learnt about biodiversity during their Bug Blitz experience.

Jumping spider

There are so many ways that a person may help to achieve the goal of raising an awareness of the importance of biodiversity. Becoming a Bug Blitz mentor is a valuable way of doing this.

Please contact Bug Blitz Trust and register your skills and willingness to volunteer to become a mentor.

Bug Blitz mentors work within the guidelines of volunteer helpers and may be required to have a current police check re: - working with children clearance.

Discuss this with a Bug Blitz Facilitator.