Our Program

Our Program

Black field cricket

Our principle aim is to raise awareness about the wonders, mysteries and importance of the world's biodiversity. Following this path of awareness, all manner of issues affecting the world's biodiversity will be encountered and the potential for discovery is huge.

We believe that a great way to raise awareness is by being involved in stimulating, fun, hands-on activities in the field; students and families exploring local habitats with scientists, citizen scientists (local naturalists), teachers', parents, artists, interested community/government organizations and service providers.

Bug BlitzTM Trust believes learning about the environment, its life forms and the issues affecting them in a holistic way, together as whole community, is a powerful way to learn and an important thing to do.

Kids from St. Pats

Discovery learning is embraced and field events always involve discovery walks. The community walking together through an environment, sharing their knowledge about nature with each other is what a Bug BlitzTM Discovery Walk is all about.

Field events involve specialist experts like entomologists and artists in the presentation of workshops in the field. We believe in assisting communities to engage such experts.

Field events are an exciting and motivating force that stimulates student interest in further studies.

We also know the powerful influence that teachers have in the educational process and we encourage and support them in completing integrated studies units back in school, that lead to a creative/community sharing of their discoveries about biodiversity and the environment.

Specialist snakehandler shows a Red-bellied black snake

They share their educational achievements and discoveries and we believe in bringing communities together, locally, nationally and internationally to do so.

We encourage and suppoort schools to she their experiences via The Arts.

Bug BlitzTM Trust promotes active participation in projects that may help to conserve biodiversity like habitat plantings. Involving young people encourages them to become active global citizens and, where possible, Bug BlitzTM Trust will support such endeavors' that benefit communities.
Bug Blitz Trust believes that by understanding and studying the "small things" like "bugs" on our planet, we may collectively become more aware of the "big picture" of life and our places in it.