Our People

Our People

Bug Blitz Trust was formed with guidance and support from the Hugh Williamson Foundation.


Trustees of the HWF, Mr. Denis Tricks, Mr. Harry Carrodus and Mr. Martin Carlson are foresighted and wise members of our community. They believe that Hugh Williamson would be very happy with the ways his foundation, under their guidance, has made significant, positive contributions to community health, leadership & community development, environment, education, the arts and regional community development in Victoria, since it began in 1986. It was Martin Carlson, on behalf of the HWF, that invited Professor E. O. Wilson to provide a key note address as part of the Alfred Deakin Lectures in 2005. An ongoing dialogue began and Bug Blitz was born in Australia in 2006.

World Famous Scientist

Professor E. O. Wilson - Legendary naturalist, scientist, writer and scholar, "Lord of the Ants", pioneer of Bio Blitz concept and patron of Bug Blitz.

Bug Blitz Trustees

Dr. Ken Walker - acting head of science at the Museum of Victoria, scientist, arachnologist, writer, researcher and curator of "Bugs Alive" exhibit at MoV, Ken's scientific knowledge and achievements speak for themselves. Ken is "the peoples' scientist". His ability to explain and communicate scientific concepts at a level all can understand is outstanding. Ken provides scientific guidance to Bug Blitz Trust.

Mr. Tim Sullivan - deputy CEO of Sovereign Hill Museums Association, Tim leads the management and development of Narmbool Environment Camp. Tim studied at the Smithsonian Institute and is known for his outstanding leadership, management and communication skills.

Professor Phil Batterham - Melbourne University academic and scientist, ministerial adviser for science education, Phil has international connections in the field of science and his finger on the pulse of science curriculum innovations globally.

Bug Blitz Facilitators

Bug Blitz facilitators can assist you to undertake Bug Blitz activities in your school or community. Bug Blitz facilitators can design and co-ordinate, large scale field science Bug Blitz events or they can provide programs in your community or school.Discovery walk - A Bug Blitz facilitator will visit your school and lead a discovery walk helping you to complete a visual snapshot of the bugs you discover using digital microscopes and cameras. A CD containing the images will be produced at the end of the day.

Classifying bugs will be introduced and interesting facts about the creatures you discover will be shared. A Bug Blitz facilitator can work with you to make and set pit-fall traps so you can survey the ground dwelling bugs in your area.

Citizen Scientists

Citizen scientists are the naturalists in our community who volunteer to share their knowledge about the environment during Bug Blitz programs. They can be; bird enthusiasts, bug enthusiasts, botanists, members of local environment groups; people with a whole range of skills and knowledge about all matters environmental. Citizen Scientists may participate in consultation with Bug Blitz Trust.

Bug Blitz Honorary Archivists

Volunteer archivists who assist Bug Blitz Trust on a range of projects from the distribution and collation of our Bug Blitz Newsletter to communications required to support an environmental organization.