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The Big Dig 2013

20th August 2013

Heart Morass Restoration Project, Sale.

Maratus pavonis - Jumping spider - Found-20/8/13 - Heart Morass

Students from Sale Secondary College undertook a Big Dig at the iconic Heart Morass Wetland Restoration Project, near Sale, Victoria.
Students sampled leaf litter and soil and using berlese funnel traps have extracted small invertebrates from their litter samples. The conditions were wet and the...

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Bug Blitz Books Published

18th December 2012

Sale, Victoria

Kids publishing their works about biodiversity in hard-covered books was a great project that Bug Blitz Trust was able to support in 2012. Students from year 5/6 at Sale 545 primary and year 3/4 students at Araluen primary published books they can be proud of. About 200 kids each have a page in...

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Bug Blitz @ Sale Common

18th April 2012

Sale Botanic Gardens

Colletidae - Sp. HyleusGnarnayarrahe shares his culture with students.Sale Botanic Gardens is a greatr spot fro a Bug Blitz field day. Students from Rosedale and St Mary's in Sale participated.
Gnarnayarrahe showed the kids some dances, played didjeridoo and told stories from his culture. He shared his Aboriginal wisdom with the students.
They also made felted finger...

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River Connect Bug Blitz @ Reedy Swamp Shepparton 2012

24th May 2012

Reedy Swamp Shepparton

Order: Hemiptera - Leaf hopperBug Blitz @ Reedy Swamp in 2012 was a great day. This strange Leaf hopper appeared in the sample. Poet, Omar Musa, worked with the kids helping them to begin writing poems for a Poetry Pathway to be installed in Shepparton. Local naturalists John Laing and Wendy Damore helped out, sharing knowledge...

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Bug Blitz @ Clunes Primary School

21st March 2012

Clunes, Victoria

Elm leaf beetle - Elm leaf beetle - Pyrrhalta luteolaEastern Banjo FrogPaper making at Clunes  with Gail StiffeBug Blitz @ Clunes 2012 was held at Clunes Primary School. When on discovery walks searching for bugs, students often find frogs.We always photo record the frogs during Bug Blitz days. This Eastern Banjo Frog or Pobblebonk was found at Clunes. Students found about 50 different species of bugs as...

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