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Bug Blitz @ Sale Common

18th April 2012

Sale Botanic Gardens

Colletidae - Sp. HyleusGnarnayarrahe shares his culture with students.Sale Botanic Gardens is a greatr spot fro a Bug Blitz field day. Students from Rosedale and St Mary's in Sale participated.
Gnarnayarrahe showed the kids some dances, played didjeridoo and told stories from his culture. He shared his Aboriginal wisdom with the students.
They also made felted finger puppets of bugs and other creatures, planted 300 plants with the garden crew from Wellingtton Shire and collected a bug sample with Bug Blitz.
One student found this small native bee in the family Colletidae. Dr Walker from MoV identified the species as Hylaeus. It is about 8mm long - about a third of the size of a honeybee.