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Bug Blitz @ Yarram Wetlands

29th June 2011

Bug Blitz @ Yarram Wetlands was held on May 19 2011.Students from Yarram and Woodside primary schools participated enthusiastically. The day was supported by Wellington Shire Council who are responsible for the development of this new wetland on the edge of Yarram. Students worked with Wellington Council facilitators to plant 300 or so wetland suitable species. Active hands on and the kids loved it.

Nicole Russell, Waterwatch Facilitator from WGCMA, showed children how to conduct water testing. These new wetlands, having only been constructed recently by the shire, had quite turbid water. Future measurements will be interesting to monitor water quality. The students were engaged and this experience sets them up for future water monitoring projects.

Dingo reed (Watermark Inc) and John Caldow (Bug Blitz) explored the garden areas that exist at the edge of the wetlands, looking for bugs. A variety of creatures were found. We expect that bug diversity will increase as the palnts in the wetlands become established.

Once again, Tom and Michael from Snakebusters, conducted an excellent 'hands on' reptile show.

Wellington Shire Manager of Natural Environments and Parks, Tim Rowe, initiated the program and gave the students a challenge to design wetland interpretation signs. Peter Ware (Heyfield Birdos Group) and Bug Blitz provided information about, you guessed it, birds and bugs and the importance of wetlands. The kids will design the other signs which will be installed. This helps students to extend their learning and consider the roles that wetlands play in sustaining healthy environments. These signs, from children's perspectives, will be an interesting and unique way to share information about wetlands, its creatures and ways to help protect the biodiversity within. You'll have to visit and see for yourself.

The development of this wetland, on the edge of the town, provides a place for local students to study nature and the environment in the field. This is an important development for the kids in the town.

It was a great day!

Yarram and Woodside kids working with Wellington Shire team plantingJumping Spider eating a Sac SpiderKids from Yarram helped to pick up litter washed into the wetlandsDingo reed from Watermark Inc shares his knowledge about bugs