The Bugs

The Bugs

What we’ve attempted to is to provide you with a brief blurb about each class of arthropod and at least one accompanying photo of a creature from any particular class of arthropod.

Harlequin BugsWe’re endeavoring to elaborate, helping you to classify the bugs you discover, by providing a broad range of photos of some of the more common families within a particular order that you may find. The pictures will at least give you clues to help you identify a bug to an order, class or even family level.

It may give you a clue that will allow you to undertake further investigation to identify a bug you’ve found to a species level. We are constantly adding to our site as pictures become available to give you more clues and interesting information.

The vast array of different species within the phylum Arthropoda is immense with some estimates suggesting there could be up to 10 million species, so you can see why identifying an arthropod you find will be like a quest of discovery. You may have to glean many websites and much literature to identify a creature you find and as I’ve pointed out, with a possible 10 million species, you may find something that hasn’t been found before. What then? Contact Museum of Victoria and seek advice.

Good luck with your discovery quest.