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What is Bug Blitz?

Bug Blitz is an internationally generated initiative from scientific, educational and creative minds to stimulate an active interest in biodiversity. It is an imaginative, instructive and rewarding program that brings new learning and enjoyment of our environment to people of all ages, especially the enquiring younger minds. Bug Blitz encourages, promotes and supports a three stage learning process: 1. Field science 2. Holistic studies theme in the school 3. Student's sharing their learning and discoveries via The Arts. This process engages participants and provides opportunities for learning 'in' the environment, learning 'about' the environment and learning 'for' the environment.

Why Bugs?

Well...there are many reasons but first and foremost, they're interesting! Bugs are amazing creatures!

When we use the term ‘bugs" we are of course specifically referring to the phylum of animals called arthropods; insects, crustaceans, myriapods and arachnids. Many others use the term ‘bugs' to mean any invertebrate animal (animals with no backbone). These include; worms, slugs, mollusks and many others. We are interested in the study of biodiversity. Biodiversity includes all life forms.

Bugs however are the platform from which we spring to study biodiversity. The interdependence of nature always overlaps any single topic such as ‘bugs.' For example, when we are studying bugs we will encounter food chains.

Food chains lead us to identify; food plants, predators, habitats, animal behaviors, animal adaptations and environmental issues that may be having effects on ecosystems so, even though we have a particular interest in ‘arthropods,' we are interested in the study of biodiversity.

The diversity of bugs is enormous and many species have not been described or named by scientists. Real discovery potential exists when we study bugs.

To find out more about how to start your own Bug Blitz, click here.


The Bugs

We’re endeavoring to help classify bugs discovered by providing a broad range of photos of some of the more common families within a particular order that you may find.

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Become A Mentor

Citizen scientists are in every community. These people have often built knowledge about the nature of an area over many years and are willing to share their knowledge and interest in nature. Peter Ware is one such person, a citizen scientist, he has worked on a number of Bug Blitzes sharing his knowledge about birds. Check out his blog spot to see some of the birds he' spotted around Gippsland. If you would like to read Peter's blog about birds and nature of Gippsland check out his link. to check out Gippsland naturalist, Duncan Fraser's amazing site for some good insect pics.

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Our People

Bug Blitz patron Edward O. Wilson is a world-famous scientist, thinker, author, conservationist and entomologist who has devoted his life to understanding and protecting the natural world.

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